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Updated almost 8 years ago by Jon Engelbert
New Google Drive mockup for "Events" page. (This is only for event instances... separate page needed for recurring event template index).


Html mockup for scrum events, impromptu hookups, pair roulette.

Scrums with hookups

We are hosting several events per day....
Create new hangout

Active Scrums

Title Description Started at... Action...
America Scrum and Pair Hookup for coordinating any/all Agile… 18:00 Join Hangout... Restart Hangout...

Upcoming Scrums

Start time Title Description Schedule Actions...
2:00 UTC Asia Scrum and Pair Hookup for coordinating any/all Agile… repeats every weekday at 2:00 UTC Add to Calendar Edit... Start Hangout...
6:00 UTC Europe Scrum and Pair Hookup for coordinating any/all Agile… repeats every weekday at 18:00 Add to Calendar Edit...
2:00 UTC 6/23 Weekend Europe Scrum and Pair Hookup for coordinating any/all Agile… repeats every weekend day at 2:00 Add to Calendar Edit...
Add new...


Hangout Manager

Create new Active hangout            Create new Pending hangout and wait for partners

Choose an active hangout from the list below and join it, or choose a pending hangout from the 2nd list and activate and join it.

Active Hangouts

Title Start Time Participants Open/Closed Actions
WebsiteOne: Event Test Development, pair program 8:05 April,Bobby, Jon E. Open Join Hangout... Restart Hangout...
codelailu 8:25 Paul, ... Open Join Hangout...

Pending Hangouts

Available User Project Description. . . . . . Wait time Available until Actions
Tansaku 169.1 HW1- Free help for novices 1:30 10:30 Initiate Hangout... Contact... About this user...
Marian Codealia- TDD for ruby lambda/closures 0:30 11:00 Initiate Hangout... Contact... About this user...



When a user adds himself to the queue, then a new row is added to the table, and the fields for project description and Available Until will be clearly waiting for data. 

So the user can set the project description and Available Until fields, similar to adding a new comment into slack or Disqus. 
When Initiating a new Hangout, perhaps there can be a checkbox for the pair to mark the session as open or closed. When the user hovers over For rows representing the user's hangout, show the 'Restart Hangout" link, as well as the 'edit' button to the right.
When the user hovers over another user's name, the other user's profile appears.


(Those of us who prefer not to join Disqus can comment here.)

  • I really like this updated concept. It keeps things really simple. 
  • What do "Wait time" and "Available until" mean to a newcomer? Perhaps they can be reworded "Has been waiting for xx hours/minutes" and "Available for another xx hours/minutes" ??
  • How does someone indicate they are no longer available or delete their Pending Hangout row? Close the window or something else?
  • I thought the 'Restart Hangout' button gives an opportunity to harmfully disrupt existing Hangouts, but on closer inspection, I see you hope to make this reachable only by the person who launched the hangout. Please provide an alternative to 'hover' that works on touch screens, such as touch-and-hold, or permanently display the button.
  • What does the Contact button do?
-- David Corking Monday 23 June

  • "Wait time" and "Available until": I propose changing these to "Earliest Start Time" and "Latest Start Time".  Earliest will default to "Now"... but the user can set it to later, e.g. an hour from now.  This should be more clear, and gives more capability.
  • no longer available or delete their Pending Hangout: There should be an action (button,link?) named "Delete" for any Pending Hangout that was created by the same user.  I don't know if this is a standard interface, but I think that it makes sense.
  • Restart Hangout:  I think that this action should be renamed to "Manage Hangout."... that will take the user to the Events Manager page that Yaro is leading the implementation of, which also includes the capability to manually override the link.  It should be available to anyone participating in the hangout... probably during the hangout and for the next 5 minutes, after which time the hangout listing is removed from the table. 
  • Alternative to 'hover' that works on touch screens:  Yes, we should consider touch screens, large and small.  Should we design for all now, or wait until later?  one thought is to trim the fat for small screens, such as get rid of descriptions and scrum schedules, and limit the number of actions available.  I'm not experienced with implementation for multiple device types.  David, please elaborate on how hover can be integrated into the UI.  One idea, hover over the user's name and see the text for his profile.
  • What does the Contact button do?  Text message, or some other contact.  E.g., "I can pair for a half hour... are you interested?"  This doesn't need to be in the initial implementation or MVP.
-- Jon Engelbert Tuesday 24 June

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