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Hangouts Management flow proposal

Updated about 8 years ago by Jon Engelbert
PT story:  on pivotal
Features: on github
Lo Fi's  - link (preview below)
(Jon:  I drew up two screens, which I think reflect Sam's new revised version.  single page showing before started, and after)

Proposed features:

When the hangout is started:
1. The "Start HO" button gets hidden.
2. The "Hangout details" section gets shown.
3. The "Restart hangout link" gets shown

When the "Restart hangout link" gets clicked
1. A warning message pops up "Restarting Hangout would update the details of the hangout currently associated with this event.  Do you want to continue? Yes/No"
2. The "Start HO" button gets shown. 
3. The "Hangout details" section gets hidden.

When "Hangout details" section gets shown:
1. Status shows if the hangout is still in progress or finished.
2. If it is still in progress, "Join hangout" link id displayed.
3. If the hangout is broadcasting, the Youtube player is displayed with the live recording
4. Currently in shows users, which are in the Ho at the moment.
5. Participants shows all users that took part in the hangout.
6. The avatars of users are clickable and open user profile in a separate tab.


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