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Y is money that donates some of itself when it's spent. Imagine spending £1, but by the time it's in the cashier's hand, a penny of it has been donated to something you care about. The spender chooses who the donation goes to, and the cashier is in charge of how much is donated... the more the merrier (read: higher sales).

Y's long-term purpose is to decentralise government by raising enough money to pay for public services. With sellers making more sales by donating more %, this is entirely feasible. Imagine not having to pay tax, nor having to do tax returns, or even think about them! 

Empathy doesn't stop at the border. Unlike traditional money, Y puts no penalty on donating across national boundaries (as an Ethereum cryptocurrency, it has no concept of nations). Donations between nations will tend to equalise them, ultimately making countries, and thus wars between them, unnecessary.

Y is an Ethereum smart contract, so that both buyer and seller can be sure the donation is made.

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