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You might not be trying to level up as an Agile software developer, but you can help those around the world that are. Sign up for either a Premium, Premium Mob, Premium F2F or PremiumPlus plan to sponsor a developer to get the professional development support they can’t otherwise afford.

Developers who apply to our AgileVentures fellowship will be sponsored based on merit and need as assessed by the AgileVentures team. As a sponsor we’ll send you regular reports of the progress of the developer you’re sponsoring. Sponsored developers will be required to check in at least once a week, and submit at least one pull request per month in order to maintain their sponsored status

If you have any questions about sponsoring a developer please email us at sponsorship@agileventures.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, please just go ahead and sign up for a Premium, Premium Mob, Premium F2F or PremiumPlus plan, depending on how much you’d like to contribute, and we’ll be in touch to hook your sponsorship up to a resource-challenged developer. Or if you’d like to sponsor a specific existing AV member just head to their profile page and click the sponsorship button.

If you’d like to apply for an AgileVentures fellowship yourself, please fill out this form. If you have any questions about your application please email us at fellowship@agileventures.org.

AgileVentures Premium Member Stories

Piotr Brychowski (Polish developer working for startup in Berlin):

My programming adventure in practice started with Agile Ventures. After months of just online courses I jumped into the fire and joined the team. In AgileVentures I was able to work on a real project running online, learn by doing and get a closer look on tools such as Git, Github, Pivotal Tracker, Heroku, Hound, Code Climate and Travis CI. For the first time I could also participate in daily Scrums and see the basics of Agile work flow.

After 2 months of contributing to the voluntary projects of AV I’ve started to look for a job and guess what? I found it in 1 week. It turned out that AV was a great kickstarter for my career as a developer.

Thank you guys!

Zmago Devetak (Slovenian full stack developer working for Biosistemika in Ljubljana):

I had started with AgileVentures after I had completed the Berkeley SaaS course offered by edX. Before that I had a very basic understanding of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, agile development methodologies and web development at all. Here with the help of Sam and the AgileVentures community I made my first steps in real world project that gave me good understanding of the field and confidence in myself that lead me after 1 year on contributing on different AgileVentures projects to my first job as a ruby on rails developer.


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