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About me

I am student in the Watson School of Engineering majoring in computer science. I enjoy working on projects which improve users' experiences and make applications more helpful. I have experience working on software professionally at both Google and Tesla.

Professional Experience
Google, Google Play Team Mountain View, CA
Software Engineering Intern May- August 2020
- Designed and implemented new application cluster for the Play Pass subscription service home page
- Wrote a detailed design document for the new Play Pass feature and presented it to a team of engineers for review
- Programmed the client-side infrastructure for a new link that allows users to see more details of a Play Pass offer
Tesla, Mobile App Team Palo Alto, CA
Mobile Engineering Intern January- May 2020
- Contributed to the architecture and implementation of the Tesla vehicle mobile application on a team of four engineers
- Built out new features of the React Native application using the Typescript programming language
- Authored and maintained a revamped sign in system by collaborating with authentication and vehicle fleet teams
Google, Google Play Team Mountain View, CA
Engineering Practicum Intern May- August 2019
- Implemented a new way of measuring network usage within the Google Play mobile app that introduced feature level metrics
- Co-authored a detailed design document and presented it to a team of engineers for review
- Utilized Android Studio to program a local database in Java for the logging of network resource usage
- Created internal documentation and webpages to assist in the onboarding of new employees
E&Y, Trajectory Program Binghamton, NY
Student Cyber Security Consultant January- May 2019
- Analyzed the cyber risk of a case study bank and provided insights into prospective steps to mitigate the residual risk
- Brought technical experience to my team to enable more accurate recommendations for the bank’s increasing cyber presence
- Communicated with EY professionals to refine deliverables and enhance our evaluation of the bank’s situation
- Presented findings and recommendations to EY leadership in their New York City headquarters
Project Experience
Hack BU, Binghamton Hackathon Binghamton, NY
Citi Bank’s Most Viable Business; 3
rd Place Overall February 9-10 2019
- Created a website which creates a randomized date for you based on your preferences and Google search results in the area
- Used embedded JavaScript to make the website interactive and CSS to enforce a consistent aesthetic
- Developed a business plan for the website including ways to monetize usage and increase web page traffic
- Presented to software engineers from Citi Bank and answered their technical questions about the project
Binghamton University, Hardware Hackathon Binghamton, NY
Best Executed Design (First Place); Team Lead and Head Programmer November 17-18 2017
- Designed and developed a robotic electric car fitted with many sensors, an LCD screen, an Arduino, and motors
- Programmed the interface between sensors and the LCD display, as well as the controls from the IR remote in Arduino C++
- Led a team of five through the design and construction of the robot
- Presented in front of a panel of numerous judges followed by an extensive question and answer period
Leadership Experience
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Mars Rover Project Binghamton, NY
Software Development Team Lead May 2019-Present
- Led a team of software engineers to program a rover which communicates with a base station and traverses autonomously
- Established new team protocols to increase efficiency and promote collaboration between separate workstreams
- Utilized C++ and Open CV in development of autonomous driving for the rover
Dickinson Town Council Binghamton, NY
Chief Financial Officer May 2018- May 2019
- Managed the financial information of Dickinson community and oversaw all fundraising conducted
- Overhauled the treasurer training system within the community to optimize fiscal success
- Delegated the $30,000 budget to the buildings and groups of Dickinson Community

Skills & Technologies

  • Java
  • python
  • C++

Project Involvement

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