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About me

I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Aravind Reddy Yenugula and I’m currently pursuing my masters degree in Binghamton University with Computer Science as major. I firmly believe that a masters study will certainly advance my skills in the field of computer science and engineering which allows me to stand ahead in this high technological world.
Instead of all the complications in coding I faced as a freshman during initial days of my studies, I overlooked it and became superior to my peers. My interests in computer science primarily lies in Ruby and Machine Learning where I am in a process of enhancing my skills. Currently, I am trying to hone my programming skills and their application by using coding platforms such as Hacker earth and Hacker rank.
National Small Industries Corporation, the place where I worked as an intern for two months allowed me to develop different strategies to improve security features in the project “STAMP: Enabling privacy preserving location proofs”. I along with my team members introduced and created a platform to achieve integrity, confidentiality and non-transferability of STP proofs.
Apart from academics, I am an active participant in various extracurricular activities and organising events. I feel proud to present as a “Database Management Lead” at undergrad University (GITAM CSI(Computer Society of India)). Additionally, I also participated in various NSS activities including NSS special camp, which gave me immense pleasure for my duty as a responsible citizen.

Skills & Technologies

  • CSS
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  • JavaScript
  • Rails
  • Ruby

Project Involvement

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