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About me


Christopher Browman is a senior computer science student at Binghamton University. He has experience in Internet of Things (IoT), database, and augmented reality (AR) related projects, and has an interest in programming languages.

Internship Experience

J&D Ceramics – Seasonal; 2013 – 2016 – Designed, developed, and maintained an inventory system for this small, family-owned business.

  • Used C++ with the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI framework and SQLite3 embedded database to develop application for Windows Mobile-based hand-held barcode scanner.

  • Developed accompanying desktop application using the same technologies above, as well as other open source libraries.

SUNY ATTAIN Center – Fall 2012 – Demonstrated the ability to communicate technical ideas to non-technical people by helping teach unemployed adults basic computer skills.

  • Provided one-on-one tutoring on a variety of computer applications and concepts.

  • Assisted teacher in a class preparing students to take the Microsoft IC3 certification test.

Binghamton University Library – Fall 2016 – Interned in the Systems Division, which is responsible for creating interactive library displays.

  • Worked on the library’s Augmented Reality Virtual Book’s (ARMB) main application. Involvement included refactoring the existing C# codebase to facilitate future development, as well as adding and extending functionality.

  • Wrote Arduino code to interface capacitive touch sensing with the ARMB display.

  • Trained other interns on the use of the SandCastle documentation tool.

  • Developed network-based (IoT) statistics gathering for interactive 3D-printed library displays.

  • Installed and manged development and version control tools for the lab.

Skills & Technologies

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • python
  • Scala
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • wxWidgets
  • Linux/UNIX
  • Windows
  • c#

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