Dima Sukhikh

About me

Russian born & bred. I have been Living in South Asia for 7 years.

When I'm not near a copmuter, I like to go to the gym, read book and learn foreign language.

I normally use Arch Linux and a combination of urxvt, tmux, xmonad and emacs in my work. It's extremely lightweight!

On back-end, I have experience in Ruby on Rails web framework with PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

On the front end, I know Javascript well, and have done several projects using Angular.js. I'm not a real designer but putting up something decent in CSS3 and HTML5 is not beyond me.

On the operations side, I'm familiar with Amazon AWS and Windows Azure. My expertise is in Linux. I have production experiences with configuration management tools like Chef, Docker and Vagrant.

Skills & Technologies

  • haskell
  • Ruby on Rails

Project Involvement

Contributions (GitHub) - 26 total commits x 1 - 26

Contributions (Hangouts Hosted) - 0 total hangouts x 1 - 0

Contributions (Hangouts Attended) - 0 total hangouts x 1 - 0

Contributions (Authentications) - 1 authentications x 100 - 100

Contributions (Profile Completeness) - 10 out of 10

Contributions (Membership Length) - 6 out of 6

Contributions (Sign In Activity) - 6 out of 6

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