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About me

I'm passionate about software craftsmanship and adapting agile practices for distributed teams. I love working with smart people to solve hard problems.

I have a strong preference for (remote) pair programming over solo development.

My goal for the last few years has been to build a team culture in the model of Hashrocket and PivotalLabs but entirely distributed.

For the last 5 years I've been leading very wide (globally distributed) teams helping them to active as close to co-located efficiency as possible. I'm at the point where I think we can get about %90 of what could be achieved with a co-located team and that missing %10 is more than made up for by the advantages of having a wide team.

I've also been working with ruby (and rails) for almost 10 years now i.e. since rails was 1.0. In my recent projects I was the lead developer on the teams that built pawlinks.com, plateology.com, subout.com and textgen.com.

Here’s my resume:

Some more information about me:

Skills & Technologies

  • Rails
  • jQuery
  • Vim
  • angular.js
  • Linux

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