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About me

My background mainly covers the realm of media which has included TV as well as video production for over a period of eight years in Spain.

After years of doing what I was best at and with a passion I started to realise I was no longer comfortable in the environment I was working in. I began to reconsider my life choices in terms of work and seek a clearer idea of what I wanted to achieve. This ambitious search brought me to the UK, after some time taken out to travel around the world. My stay in London was pivotal in the realisation that what I truly wished for was to extend and deepen my knowledge of graphic design - turning it into a career.

The prelude to this “epiphany” was a moment of temporary confusion and doubt rapidly dispelled by a brief course regarding the preparation of images for the Web with Zak who introduced me to Prisca. Luckily, I had found the best individuals possible to direct me through any uncertainties she may have harboured. Prisca opened me up to the world of web design as well as transmitting her passion for the all that refers to graphic design, the Internet and of course web design which includes: hand coding, HTML and CSS operating within web standards.

Along my experience as front end I realised how limited I was when working in a web application. I started to be more and more interested on backend and web development. It's when I joined Makers Academy and became a Maker. I didn't just learn to code - I learnt to communicate about code through pair-programming, fortnightly retrospectives and working in agile teams of up to 6 people. I become comfortable discussing code, debating various solutions to a problem and arguing the relative benefits of each.

So, this is how I became a junior web developer, happily doing something I love and feel stimulated by, ready to learn more and more every day. It is a true source of motivation knowing that every single project will be something new, interesting and different.

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