Jack Arnold

About me

Hello, I'm a junior computer science major at Binghamton University. I'm really interested in Agile and Ruby on Rails development, along with other web technology.

OpenStreetMap contributor
- Added local businesses, community organizations, and important landmarks to open-source map database
- Web-scraped data using Python and Beautiful Soup to catalog local businesses for addition

Data Structures and Algorithms, Watson School of Engineering
- Implemented graph library and multiple shortest path algorithms in C++ to demonstrate understanding of abstract data
- structures and time/space requirements for algorithms

Programming with Objects and Data Structures, Watson School of Engineering
- Developed computer emulator, compiler, and graphical debugger with partner in Java based on reference system
specifications to understand low-level computer design, operation, and programming

Skills & Technologies

  • Ruby
  • python
  • C
  • C++

Project Involvement

Contributions (GitHub) - 58 total commits x 1 - 58

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Contributions (Authentications) - 1 authentications x 100 - 100

Contributions (Profile Completeness) - 8 out of 10

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