Jeffrey Weng

About me

My name is Jeffrey Weng and I am a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences at Binghamton University. I have interests in game development in Unity and software development. In my past internship, I have worked as a QA Engineer. Over the internship, I constructed a website using ASP.NET to display bug statistics using data from SQL. The data was grabbed from APIs from Jira and was displayed with graphs and charts made from Power BI.

I am currently learning Ruby on Rails

Jeffrey Weng
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Binghamton University, State University of New York, The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Expected: May 2022
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences Expected: May 2022

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Java, C#, C/C++, Python, HTML/CSS and x86 assembly
Platforms: Eclipse, Unity Game Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio/Code, RStudio
Frameworks: Django
Tools: Git, GitHub Desktop, Linux, Jira, Postman
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Power BI

Valuable Coursework

Programming and Hardware Fundamentals, Programming with Objects and Data Structures (Java), Data Structures and Algorithms (C++), Number Systems, Probability with Statistic Methods, Operating Systems Spring Courses: Software Engineering, Automata Theory

Project Experience

Event Planner January 2020 - Present
• Building a program in Java to gather information about courses and assignments and simulate a schedule to optimize times for assignments
• Incorporating a GUI with JSwing for easy access to program
• Developing a manifest file with Eclipse to launch a runnable JAR file
Birthday Blitz July 2020
Hackathon Project for 7th Birthday Hack for MLH
• Developed a 3D maze game in Unity Game Engine in Visual C#
• Implemented multiplayer aspect using Photon Unity Networking
• Constructed a random maze using Kruskal’s algorithm
Fizzle February 2020
Hackathon Project for 7th Annual HackBU
• Deployed a dating site, Fizzle, made with Django, Python, JS, HTML, and CSS
• Designed an algorithm that generated weights to create the optimal match for users
• Utilized Django's libraries to create an efficient login UI with password encryption

Work Experience

Crestron Electronics June 2020 – August 2020
Quality Engineering Intern
• Designed various charts representing date and quantity of bugs from various projects using Power BI
• Utilized an ASP.NET MVC app and APIs to grab bug data from Jira to update a live SQL database every hour
• Uploaded charts onto a custom website to help QE engineers to contact their teams about pending bugs
• Organized workflow using Jira and communicated with Microsoft Teams

Skills & Technologies

  • Unity
  • c#
  • C++
  • Java

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