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Things to Avoid While Grooming Your Pet Dog

Dogs are great companions, they are fun, loving, and always there to shower you with affection. It is no surprise that dogs are one of the most common pets around the world. Their strong and warm bond with their human counterparts makes them great emotional support animals. 

If you are emotionally challenged and your pet companion is needed at all times for your emotional stability, then make sure that you apply for an emotional support dog letter. This will allow your dog to be with you at all times, where you can look after him/her, the same way s/he looks after you.




Get the ESA Letter for your pet dog

When with you you can ensure its good hygiene and groom it regularly. WIthout an esa letter for housing,  however, you might not be able to house your pet companion with you, and/or you will have to travel on your own, while your dog travels in a separate— and maybe an unhygienic— compartment.

With an emotional support letter, you are all set to be in the company of your pet dog, wherever you go. Such that you can keep an eye on him/her and make sure that it is properly cared for. 


Regular grooming and other needs of your dog

An ESA letter pet owner should invest a lot of time and effort in keeping their beloved pet animal happy and healthy. This means making sure the pet has a good diet, exercises a lot,  groomed regularly, and routinely checked by a bet. 

Not fulfilling any of these needs will lead to an unhappy and unhealthy dog. The dog’s health and happiness are as much related to being groomed and kept hygienic, as it is to the diet and exercise. 

Grooming your dog should be done almost on a regular basis. But if you are unable to groom your dog yourself due to your work schedule or commitments, then you should get your dog groomed by professional dog groomers. 

However, missing out on dog grooming isn’t the only problem; many people in their effort to groom their pet dog themselves use the wrong methods and techniques that go on to cause harm to their pet. You should, therefore, consult professional groomers, vets, and online help to make sure that you are grooming your dog right. Moreover, if you have not get your dog registeration then US service dog registry should be done ASAP

Here are the things that you should avoid doing

  • Clipping the dog’s nails is a tricky task (especially if the nails are of darker color). If you clip the nails too short, it can bleed and cause the dog much pain. Make sure you know where to cut the nail from and what products to apply to stop the bleeding. 

  • The products made for humans are in no way suitable for use on emotional support animal letter dogs. Using shampoos and conditioners that you use while giving your dog a bath can harm his skin and cause a plethora of problems. Toothpaste that is made for our teeth is toxic for animals and can cause internal complications. You should use the products specified for dogs. 

  • When you come across matted hair, don’t be impatient and try to cut them off with a scissor. Instead, use your fingers and various coat softening conditioners to smooth the mat, as a slight movement can injure the dog, especially if he is perturbed and you untrained. 

  • Don’t make the mistake of giving your dog a bath outside when the temperature is cold. The wet coat loses its insulation and causes sudden drops in temperatures which can be fatal at times. 

  • Don’t try to remove foreign objects from your ESA letter online dog’s ears, paw pads, and nose yourself. You can exacerbate the situation, instead, consult a vet and have him look at it. The vet will then remove the object in the correct manner.  


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