Lucia De Mojà

About me

I've started coding last year with my first Java Book, at home by myself. Getting to know the programming world and seeing how awesome creating your own programs is, I decided to get real starting a programming Bootcamp at CraftAcademy in June this year where we studied Ruby with Rails as main framework, together with other tools for testing, deploying, continuous integration and version control. We worked agile and got into the Scrum methodology, which was a nightmare in the beginning but really changed my mindset and made me a better programmer and better pairing partner, improved my communication skills and contributed to expand my knowledge and how to use other people's experience to my own advantage.
I'm on AgileVentures to search for opportunities to keep coding and pairing and to never loose the grip on the programming world now that I'm done with my course and available for new challenges to come.

Skills & Technologies

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • angularjs
  • Rails
  • sinatra
  • Middleman
  • Heroku
  • Git
  • Cucumber
  • RSpec
  • jasmine
  • karma
  • Docker
  • Html5
  • Css3
  • haml
  • ERB
  • Semaphore
  • TravisCI
  • Pair Programming

Project Involvement

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