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Why independent work is important in the education of students

Practice independent works are performed according to the sample: solving problems, filling in tables,
schemes, etc. Cognitive activity of a student is manifested in recognition, comprehension, memorization. The purpose of this kind of work which will gladly perform consolidation of knowledge, formation of
abilities and skills.
2. Reconstructive independent work. During
Such works include reconstruction of solutions, composing.
plan, theses, annotation. At this level, abstracts
abstracts may be performed at this level.
Creative independent work requires analysis of a problem situation, obtaining new information.
The student should independently make a choice
means of type and methods of solution (academic and research
assignments, term and diploma projects).
The organization and successful functioning of students' independent work requires:
- a comprehensive approach to the organization of SRW in all
complex approach to the organization of the SRS of all forms of classroom work;
- combination of all levels (types) of SRW;
- Providing control over the quality of the
(requirements, consultations).
- various forms of control.
For independent work to be successful, students must complete it using research paper help and realize its importance for their becoming
as highly qualified specialists. For this purpose
professors should familiarize students with the main provisions of the qualification characteristic
graduates and explain to them how the whole educational process and each separate discipline contribute to the development of professional and personal qualities of a specialist included in this characteristic. It is very
It is very important for the students to understand that independent work is the most important form of the learning process, because
it is it that forms such parameters of a specialist's qualification characteristic as mobility,
Ability to predict situations and actively influence them.
ability to prognosticate, independence of estimations.
When controlling the independent work the teacher should note positive changes in the professional development of the student, so that the experienced
success in learning increase their motivation to deeper study of the discipline.
The instructor should know the initial level of knowledge and skills of students and acquaint them with the objectives of training, the means of achieving them and methods of control.
Conscientiousness of performance of SRS provides the following
- methodological meaningfulness of the material selected for independent work;
- the complexity of knowledge, which corresponds to the knowledge and, ie.
feasibility of the task, the level of complexity
the level of difficulty should be adequate to the students' abilities;
- sequence of presentation of the material taking into account the logic of the subject and the psychology of assimilation;

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