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About me

I first graduated from a scientific master at Ecole Polytechnique. I was motivated by physics and mechanics.
I inadvertently switched to a MS in IT and computer sciences after a training period at a Research Laboratory.
I have been working as an IT freelance since 2002, mainly for relatively fast-growing companies and banks.

My main fields of interest include infrastructure management, data processing, system and network programming, java container technologies, open source, and logic theories - a share to my mathematician background.

My coding experience is very fragmented. My first language is Java, then C, then Python and RoR.

Thanks to IEEE, I discovered MOOC, first udacity AI course on google car, then coursera and EdX. I volunteer to work as a TA on EdX SAAS because I'm really interested in getting up to speed with TDD, BDD, new way of programming, distant working. Working in a smart team at a global scale is really an amazing experience.

My hobbies include exclusively "off the screen" activity, mainly sailing and restoring wooden boats, DIY, funboard, diving and spear fishing.

Skills & Technologies

  • Java
  • spring
  • PostgreSQL

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