Miles Miller

About me

Miles Miller
PO Box: 20132,Binghamton,NY13902 | 845-642-5597 |
Binghamton University, SUNY, Watson School Of Engineering Expected May 2022
Current GPA: 3.0
Suffern High School May 2018
Advanced Regents Diploma GPA: 3.65
Technical Skills
Languages: C++, C, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails
Software and OS: Git/Github, Eclipse, Logisim, Linux/Unix, Windows, IOs, Vim, Blender
Additional: HTML, Unix commands/Bash, Agile Methodology with SCRUM
University Projects:
CS110 Tetris
- Led a team in making a Tetris clone in Pygame
- Constantly updated and managed a 2-dimensional array
- Collaborated with two other teammates
CS240 Virtual Solar System
- Developed a simulation of a solar system stored as a graph
- Built different data structures in order to store each planet
- Incorporated advanced algorithms -- Dijkstra's Shortest Path algorithm and Heapsort
CS445 BU Event Board
- Worked with a team to create a web app
- Used the Twitter API to scrape local events in the Binghamton area
- Organized the events for easy navigation
- Developed using BDD and managed with Agile Methodology using Pivotal Tracker to track stories
and sprints.
ACM | Binghamton University September 2018 - present
- Freshmen year was taught data structures that are practical in real-world projects
- Sophomore year learned proper GUI designs, along with the benefits of different benefits of each
- Competed in coding competitions along with partners in order to complete programming challenges
IEEE | Binghamton University September 2018 - May 2019
- Contributed to the GUI of the Mars rover project at Binghamton University
- Designed the controller that would control the rover
- Received guidance from upperclassmen pertaining to the functionalities of the controller
- Participated in a large group environment alongside many different teams
CoRE | Binghamton University August 2018 - present
- A living and learning community for computer science and engineering students.
- Hosts workshops to engage the larger Binghamton community and teach people interested in coding
- Creates an engineering project to be judged at the end of the year by one of the faculty
Leadership Opportunities:
Binghamton Vibrations - Treasurer | Binghamton Universities December 2019 - present
- Elected treasurer for a vocal group on campus
- Managed money from performances, estimated to $4000 made over winter
- Led e-board meetings to discuss the general direction
- Communicated with other group’s treasurers to discuss money transactions of over $100
- Created budget and other presentation

Skills & Technologies

  • Ruby on Rails
  • python
  • c/c++
  • Java

Project Involvement

Contributions (GitHub) - 5 total commits x 1 - 5

Contributions (Hangouts Hosted) - 0 total hangouts x 1 - 0

Contributions (Hangouts Attended) - 0 total hangouts x 1 - 0

Contributions (Authentications) - 2 authentications x 100 - 200

Contributions (Profile Completeness) - 8 out of 10

Contributions (Membership Length) - 6 out of 6

Contributions (Sign In Activity) - 6 out of 6

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