Motasem Salem

About me

Motasem is an aspiring hacker by heart, a Computer Engineer / Computer Scientist by education and an Enterprise Technology Consultant by profession.

He has been working for more than 11 years delivering Enterprise Application Integration solutions, building enterprise web applications, leading software engineering teams, supervising technology implementation projects, defining technology architectures and setting up technology strategies for key account clients. His professional programming experience is focused on Java and many of the related JEE technologies.

Out of his continuous interest in learning new things, he started investigating other languages on his own time. This had led him to venture into ML, Racket, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Python and finally Ruby.

He stumbled into the SaaS MOOC and Agile Ventures while he was at the same time looking for the most productive platform for developing a web application for a group of friends. This had led him to concentrate his efforts on learning more about Ruby on Rails for taking his experience to the next level. Hopefully, being part of the Agile Ventures team is a step forward on that track.

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