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About me

This is Nikhil Varma Pujari currently pursuing masters of science in computer science at Binghamton University. I completed my undergraduation at VIT University. I interned at Ciphense.Inc as a developer. Most of my programming experience is in python, C , C++.

Nikhil Varma Pujari
Graduate Student , Computer Science , Binghamton University

Masters in Computer Science at Binghamton university
B.Tech in ECE at VIT University ,India
GPA: 7.61/10



- Worked in project that detects and recognizes the person in a real time video streaming of Surveillance Cameras.
- Performed Pre-processing of the data and applied Transfer Learning Technique to train the model with the processed data set and tested with the real time streaming video obtained from Surveillance Camera.

Technical Strengths:

Skills: Java, Android development,Machine Learning, Python, Javascript, Mat-lab. Software & Tools: Android Studio,PyTorch,TensorFlow.

Spoiler Blocker
A chrome extension that blocks spoilers of a movie/TV-show
- Developed a chrome extension that lters the web page based on its content using java-script. - Also blocks UI elements and allows user to select the intensity of blocking.
Hand-Written Digit Recognition Deep Learning
- Developed a Neural Network from Scratch that classes Hand-Written Digits (0-9).
- Implemented Adam optimizer to increase the Speed of Convergence and l2 Regularization to prevent Over Fitting of Data.
An android app that searches Wikipedia
- Created an app that allows a User to search for Wikipedia Page which contains the required sentences or information.
- The API used is MediaWiki(returns JSON Object). Each search results in URL of the desired Wikipedia page.
Binary Human Face Classifier Deep Learning
- Developed a model to recognise Human Faces using Convolutional Neural Networks in Pytorch. - It is a binary Classifier, returns 1 for a human face.
Temperature Sensing Fan Sensor controlled DC Fan
- Developed a system to control DC fan speed based on surrounding temperature changes detected by the sensor.
- Used LM35 -temperature sensor for temperature sensing and Arduino module to control the fan. - Also used proximity sensor to detect a person presence and send signal for automatic start of the fan.

Extra Curricular

Assistant coordinator , Counselling Service Team ,VIT UNIVERSITY. Worked as Coordinator , Creativity Club
Worked as Writer and Director for Short Films, VIT University Worked at WeCreateForYou ,e-commerce company,India
Currently working as a Writer at thestoryvault (

Project Involvement

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