Raphael Krausz

About me

Currently I'm a "funemployed" software developer.

My undergraduate was a Bachelor of Information Technology and I hold a Master of Applied Science (Bioinformatics).

I've been living in Budapest, Hungary since 2011 and I'm from Sydney, Australia. (Dual-citizen as my dad was born here.)

Currently I'm wanting to develop my Node JS skills, so if you've got a JavaScript project you think is interesting - let me know.

I'm also currently learning functional programming - so if you have a Scala/Erlang/Elixir/Haskell/etc project, I'd be keen to be a part.

I started my IT career as an Analyst programmer, and I've returned to software development after being sidelined into sys admin after the .com crash and then GFC. (What can I say - I love Linux and OSS!)

I'm on here to develop my Agile skills, and learn to work in an Agile team as well as to build my confidence and refinement in my development skills.

If you're interested in my CV and are on LinkedIn - you can have a squizz at https://hu.linkedin.com/in/raphael-krausz-7704233b

Skills & Technologies

  • Scala
  • Node
  • Apex
  • JavaScript
  • SalesForce
  • js
  • Java

Project Involvement

PairProgramming on AsyncVoter

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