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About me

I've been coding for fun or thinking about code most of my life, recently I started to get more serious about it and build myself as a web developer.

I love games and tried my hand a creating one back when Microsoft's XNA was still supported. Though my most visible projects involving a game are some addons I created for the game Wildstar. I really enjoyed that process - poking around in the mostly undocumented UI to see what was possible, digging through and deciphering how the first party addons where created to get hints on what is possible, or how to solve a problem. Interacting with and seeing how the community received the addon, refining, updating and bugfixing. Its something I'm really interested in doing again. If you are curious, my largest and now deprecated addon Etooltip is at

Apart from that my largest web project is the site I created Toot-toot. It is a twitter-like website that was the final project for The Odin project. The repository is on my github.

Skills & Technologies

  • xml
  • RSpec
  • jQuery
  • Lua
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • c#
  • hml5
  • angularjs
  • Ruby on Rails

Project Involvement

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