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Making Sure that Outdoor Cats Don’t Bother Your Pet Cat

You might find your companion cat to be restless and aggressive at times, and constantly on the lookout at your house’s windows. During such times it is usually something outside of the home that is bothering you; this is mostly an outdoor or a stray cat that has come over to your property. 


Under no circumstances should you let your cat go outside. To make sure of that, you should always have an esa letter for housing, so that you don’t have to follow unfair housing rules and change places or keep your companion outside. Someone who is emotionally challenged shouldn’t be asked to be the one companion that makes their troubles go away.




What behavior will it cause?

The behavior that an outdoor cat induces into your companion cat can be anything from mild to very pronounced. The cat can end up being agitated most of the time and more so if s/he is not neutered. These pets are portions of households and can likewise fill in as ESA animals with a suitable emotional support animal certification got from a psychological authority.


When the intrusion from an outside cat on your property keeps happening, and you do nothing about it, the agitation can turn into aggressive behavior. You will soon find your cat unruly and a bit on the destructive side. This then leads to redirecting the aggression towards you and other members in the house. 


This can be a cause of concern if you have children at home. This might lead you to punish your cat and be harsh towards him/her. This will only go on to exacerbate the situation. Whereas, the government has made a legally register emotional support dog or cat a mandatory for every pet owner


If you are dependent emotionally on the support from your feline partner, and you seem to not get any emotional support, then it can affect your mood too. Thus, it is better to find the cause of the problem and try to fix it at the source.


Measure You Should Take

Stop outside cats from entering your property

The best measure that you can take doesn’t have to do anything with your cat. You should dissuade other cats from entering inside your property or cross along the boundary walls. Their physical appearance makes them incredible watchdogs that will announce the drawing nearer of a person with its barks and it requires an ESA registration to get it done by health care You can do this using several methods:

  • Remove food that is out in the open outside, as it attracts outside animals. You should also make sure that your garbage is properly secured and is not accessible such as when inside a garbage can. Outdoor cats are used to eating out of garbage, and unsecured garbage is an open invitation.

  • If your house has any kind of space that can be housed by an outdoor cat, make sure to remove that area or block it. A cozy corner, under a shelter, or even under a car can act as a safe place for an outside cat to take refuge. It can be a bigger problem when the outside cat sprays around the areas inside the boundary walls. 

  • Use automatic sprinklers and sound devices to deter it from approaching your property. The sprinklers will start spraying water when nearby motion is detected— in this case, by the outdoor cat— and with repetition, the cat will know better than to pass through the place again. Other devices such as ultrasonic sound emitters can be also used to operate within a radius and deter the cat by bothering it. 

However, in any case, if you don't have done your pet registration then you can get an ESA letter online.



Calm your cat down

You can employ other tactics in addition to the previous one:

  • Increase the playing time with your cat and usually use things that imitate prey like movement. This can decrease their aggression and also help him/her have a good time.

  • You can also spray pheromones to relax your cat. These relaxing pheromones can be either sprayed at places where the cat spends the time a lot, or the pheromone can be spread using a diffuser. 

  • Lastly, you should provide a good scratching post for your ESA letter cat to tame its aggression when in need.


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