Suyog Nerkar

About me

Suyog Ruprao Nerkar
+1 917-518-2362,
8 Goethe Street, Binghamton, NY

Master’s: State University of New York at Binghamton, NY May 18
∙ Master of Science in Computer Science at Thomas J Watson School of Engineering
∙ Database systems, software engineering, OS, algorithms & microprocessor pipeline simulator, student registration system projects

Bachelor’s: University of Pune - Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India Aug 09 - Jul 13
∙ Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Graduated with First Class

Technical Skills

Full Stack Development

Lang & Libs:
Ruby - Rails, Javascript, ES6, Java, C, PHP, React Js, Devops, Python, REST, Wordpress, Underscore Js, Node js,
JQuery, three.js, Cucumber, Linux, Bash/Shell scripting, BDD, Redux, Bootstrap, CSS, JSON, HTML, HAML, SASS

SQL, MySQL, Sqlite, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle 11g, Redis, MongoDB, memcached and NoSql databases.

JIRA, Git, Grunt, Google analytics and adsense, Adobe PS, Capistrano, Webistrano, Invision, Basecamp, Trello, Sinatra
Slack, pix4d, Docker, CI/CD, Babel, Heroku, Corel draw, CRM, Pivotal tracker, Hands-on training for CCNA

Amazon web services like EC2, SQS, S3, STS, SNS, etc., Stripe payments, Swagger, Leaflet, Mapbox, Jenkins, DJI,
Chef, Mailchimp, Google maps API, AdWords, Datamapper centralized API, Newrelic, RabbitMQ, Base CRM, etc.
Intermediate level: C++, Meteor js, Angular js, WebGL, Unity, Haskell, Erlang, Scheme, MAVlink protocol.

Professional Experience and Projects
≈ 3 years in Agile, Web Products & API Development

Software Engineer Cloud & Web Technologies at Webonise Lab, Pune, India, Dec 13 - Jul 16

Implemented cutting edge emerging technologies in JS, ROR, Java, PHP, Python & C on discrete commercial products in
∙ Unmanned aerial vehicles data, Internet of things, Geographic information systems, 3D geomaps, Satellite imagery, etc.

PrecisionHawk: DataMapper, Cloud based Algorithmic GIS analytics platform
-, Oct 14 - Jul 16

∙ Developed drone linked mapping & analytics system to survey the field, mines, water bodies, etc. and project results on map
∙ Exploited ReactJs components for generic data rendering on UI, fine tuned database with query optimizations & added SEO

PrecisionHawk: Education, Learning management system
-, Oct 14 - Dec 15

∙ Developed the system from scratch, curated content and deployed a LMS application for servicing on AWS cloud platform
∙ Boosted data & page load performance with redis and memcache for optimized, instant query response using caching

PrecisionHawk: .com, learnmore and News
-, Jul 14 - Oct 14

∙ Automated content publishing for promotions, news app. on PH tech. updates & achievements with CMS and shell scripts.

Webonise: ERReport, System monitoring tool
-, Jan 14 - Jul 14

∙ Individually developed a real time monitoring and status reporting tool to help make web & mobile applications more robust

Webonise: Netmate, A Ruby on Rails like framework
- Dec 13 - Jan 14

∙ Devised a lightweight framework in Ruby with MVC, ORM as POC within a week and built demo app using the framework
Aggregate of roles and responsibilities for preceding projects:
∙ Extensive technical R&D’s, developing POC’s, requirement gathering, client communication and conducting tech. interviews
∙ Team retrospections, deployments, quality assistance as well as trainee developer training, mentoring and appraisals

Independent Projects

Founder, Designer, Developer at Axotix, Mumbai, India
-, Jun 14 - Present

∙ Currently working towards building an India based promotions, VR media, connections and collaboration platform startup

Internship & Research Project

-, Jun 12 - Jul 13

Associate Research Scientist at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Radio Astronomy & Cosmic Research Lab, Ooty
∙ As a Research Intern, developed a web based photonic data processing, tracker & monitoring system for Gamma ray
astronomy at PeV energies phase-3 (GRAPES-3) Cosmic Scintillation Detectors under the TIFR, Govt. of India Org., Mumbai

Presentations, Accomplishments, Community Service and Extracurricular

∙ Presented the GRAPES-3 Project and SOC Tech. at IEEE National Students Conference & at Computer Society of India
∙ Awarded with certificate of excellence for national drawing grade, language and national science talent search exams
∙ Elected as board member of engineering college students council ‘11-’13 and represented the undergraduate engg. class
∙ Filmed, photographed for DigiEye in meetups, CSR, cultural events and volunteered for national scouts service camps

Skills & Technologies

  • JavaScript
  • Rails
  • PHP
  • aws
  • python
  • Ruby

Project Involvement

Contributions (GitHub) - 67 total commits x 1 - 67

Contributions (Hangouts Hosted) - 9 total hangouts x 1 - 9

Contributions (Hangouts Attended) - 9 total hangouts x 1 - 9

Contributions (Authentications) - 2 authentications x 100 - 200

Contributions (Profile Completeness) - 8 out of 10

Contributions (Membership Length) - 6 out of 6

Contributions (Sign In Activity) - 6 out of 6

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