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Getting Started 1 (of 7)

We’re recommending all our projects adopt the Contributor Covenant - see individual projects for details. Please also see our Community Code of Conduct.

Step 1

Find a project that interests you from the table below, and join the corresponding Slack channel:

Project Name Slack Channel Contacts Primary Technologies
WebsiteOne #websiteone tansaku Ruby on Rails
LocalSupport #localsupport tansaku Ruby on Rails
Wiki Ed Dashboard #wiki_edu_dash_collab ragesoss
Ruby on Rails
MetPlus #metplus joaopereira
Ruby on Rails (front end)
Java/MongoDB (back end)
Open Peer Power #open_peer_power pcaston Ruby on Rails/Node
SHF #shf-project ashley
Ruby on Rails
PhoenixOne #phoenix_one federico
Y #y willnwhite Ethereum/Node
AsyncVoter #async_voter mlindsey
RundFunk Mitbestimmen #rundfunk-mitbestimmen roschaefer Ruby on Rails(backend)

The “Contacts” column contains the “Slack name” of one or more people that can help orient you to the project.

Use this name to alert that person to a specific message when you post to the project slack channel. For example, say you want to post a message to the MetPlus project channel, and make sure that “patrick” is aware of that message. Here, you would go to the channel (and join the channel), and send a message like this:

“@patrick - hi, I am new to agile ventures and I would like to learn more about this project.”

“patrick” will then be alerted to your message and respond back.

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