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About Us

AgileVentures is an official UK Charity dedicated to crowdsourced learning and social coding. As a charitable organization, we are committed to providing training for those who need it the most, but also empower them to share their skills with others, and use them for a good cause.

We follow the Agile approach to software development, and practice social coding using remote pair programming technologies such as Google Meet. Anyone at any skill level can participate or simply observe in the remote pair programming sessions and planning meetings as we develop solutions for real customers in the non-profit sector. There are no minimum requirements, simply an interest to learn.

We have meetings and pair programming sessions every day with participants from all time zones and on all levels. Be on a lookout in Slack and feel free to join to contribute, or just say hello and hear about what’s going on :-)

Community news

New Community Training Courses

Our mission is to make software development more accessible to whoever want to learn and work toward high and ambitios goals. Apart from another run of the highly appreciated WorkTheWeb Training Program, we are proud to announce 2 new Community Training Courses that will help you level up as a developer.

Just Enough JavaScript To get Started In Web Development

Yes, that is the longest course title ever, but the content of this cCommunity Course is focused on short and concise overview of JavaScript - one of the cornerstones of the technologies that power the web.

AgileVentures Edge: E2E Testing With CypressIO - From Almost Zero To Hero(ish) Level

In this course, we will learn about CypressIO, a modern end-to-end testing solution, that will enhance your flow of creating robust and well designed applications. CypressIO is a cutting-edge testing framework that makes testing JavaScript applications more frictionless than ever before. It has, since its release as a public beta in 2017, become a de-facto standard tool for writing automated tests for any application that is run in a browser.

We will cover all the necessary basics that will provide you with a solid foundation to start writing comprehensive testing suites for your applications. But we will also move a bit beyond the standards and add more advanced techniques to your toolbelt. In today’s complex world, most front-end applications need to communicate with the outside world to get data. In order to be able to write meaningful tests for these kinds of applications, we will explore some powerful techniques for networking, authentication, and more.

These courses are part of Agile Ventures Edge and reserved for Associate Members only. Start Date will be announced on Slack.

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