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About Us

AgileVentures is an official UK Charity dedicated to crowdsourced learning and social coding. As a charitable organization, we are committed to providing training for those who need it the most, but also empower them to share their skills with others, and use them for a good cause.

We follow the Agile approach to software development, and practice social coding using remote pair programming technologies such as Google Meet. Anyone at any skill level can participate or simply observe in the remote pair programming sessions and planning meetings as we develop solutions for real customers in the non-profit sector. There are no minimum requirements, simply an interest to learn.

We have meetings and pair programming sessions every day with participants from all time zones and on all levels. Be on a lookout in Slack and feel free to join to contribute, or just say hello and hear about what’s going on :-)

Community news

Crowdsourced Learning with AgileVentures

March 15th 2022

The Community Sourced Training Program Work The Web Returns Spring 2022

Our training program Work The Web, that ran for the first time during 2021, was a great success, and we are ready for more!

The curriculum of Work The Web is based on professional training courses delivered pro-bono by trainers from the IT industry and will cover Agile Methodologies, Software as a Service, Back-end development (NodeJS and Ruby on Rails), and Front-end application development (ReactJS). We will also cover testing and best practices.

  • Delivered by a Professional Coaching Team
  • Instructor-led training sessions 2 times per week
  • Instructor-led support sessions 2 per week on weekends
  • Comprehensive course materials delivered through an online Learning Management Platform
  • Individual progress assessment by 2 Training Exams and a Final Exam
  • Team-based Capstone Project with planning, implementation and delivery
  • Certificates issued by Craft Academy and Agile Ventures
  • Personalized Letter of Recommendation from the Coaching Team issued at graduation

If you feel that this is something for you, or if you know of an individual that might benefit from this program - make sure to submit an application to **applications[@]agileventures.org* If you want to know more about the course, please join the #work_the_web channel on Slack. Not an AgileVentures member? Sign up and gain access for free.

Start Date will be announced on Slack.

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