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We are a UK Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with a fairly small organizational stucture and limited budget. Despite that, we get a lot done. That is only possible due to volunteers like yourself. Being involved in AgileVentures can add value to your professional development. So, if you are looking to advance your career but also have a sense of meaning in the things you do, we can offer you a position where you can make a real impact. These positions (paid or on a volunteer basis) are reserved for Associate Members of the AgileVentures Charity.

Currently, we are looking for soneone that can work with in the following areas.

  • Sales & Marketing Intern - work with AgileVentures to gain practical experience of planning, designing and running on-line marketing campaigns. As a charity, we have been generously granted a marketing budget from Google to help us do our charitable work. Help us spend that budget wisely.
  • Executive Assistant and Community Organizer - help us plan and deliver events, online workshops and other community events. Be our eyes and ears in the community and pick up on what our members and volunteers need in order to gain the best possible experience of Agile Ventures.
  • Trustee - we are looking for new members to the Board of Trustees. If you are commited to charitable work and want to work on helping individuals grow as developers, we would very much like you to take a seat at the table and help us do what do even better.
  • Finacial Controller - we need somebody to take charge on the financial and legal side of thighs. Are you that person?
  • Fundraising Specialist - fundraising is an essential source of funding for all charities. We need to get better at this. Can you help us do that?

If any of the above is interesting, please reach out to Thomas, CEO of AgileVentures at thomas[at]agileventures.org


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