• Move Beyond Tutorials

    Are you tired of toy projects, tutorials and pre-recorded videos in online courses?

    Our teams of developers range from senior software architects and mid-level developers, to junior programmers and students of computer science.

  • Coding is not a solo gig!

    Work in teams and meet other people. All online.

    Take part in Live coding sessions on learn by observing other developers work on Twitch.

  • Join real project teams!

    Satisfy real charity customers with open source code for great causes around the world.

    We follow the Agile approach to software development and believe that great software comes from good practices, tools and methods: industry wide best practices, rapid prototyping, test-driven development and a user oriented approach to design.

  • Never code alone

    An individual journey you experience with other people

    We are in the process of rebuilding the community and launching new initiatives to help our members grow. The commitment to Open Source and Open Development Process is what makes Agile Ventures unique

  • Build a career

    Get compensated for work you put on paid projects, and many other alumni have gone on to great things in the wider world.

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