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The Subtle Art of Coding

What is code?

Computer code is the language that underpins all computer software. Unlike human language, it provides a very specific and unambiguous set of instructions for the computer to follow, which allows you to create a wide range of different functions.

How to write code?

Writing code is like telling a toddler what to do. You must be specific, simple and persistent. Over complicating a project will kill it.

How can Social Coding help?

When you get stuck on a project, it often helps to explain what you are trying to do to a fellow developer. This is where Open Source Coding comes in. Put simply, Open Source Coding is collaborative coding: a team of people, all working on the same project to help each other achieve the same goals.

AgileVentures and Social Coding

At AgileVentures we believe that Social Coding is the future for progressive software development. We have members from all over the world working on projects through online ‘scrums’ and ‘mobs’ to create fully functioning software for other charities.

The AV team is a supportive and friendly educational environment for old hands and new developers alike, which will help you to learn new skills and boost your CV with demonstrable proof of your coding abilities. You can join any onlina pair programming session and participate or listen in on many sessions that are streamed live on Twitch.


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