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Agile Ventures is a non-profit organization dedicated to crowdsourced learning and project development. We run a project incubator that stimulates and supports development of social innovations, open source projects and free software. But first and foremost, we are a place for learning and personal development with members from across the world with various levels of competence and experience in software development.

"Building software is more like creating a work of art, it requires creativity in design and ample craftsmanship to complete. Software remains malleable, often illogical, and incomplete forever. Agile software development is based on fundamental changes to what we considered essential to software development ten years ago."  - Don Wells

We use the  agile development process in the WSO project, working to keep within the scope of our stories and be open in our development process (e.g., pair programming and recorded sessions).

The technological cornerstones of the project are:

  • Waffle - a story-based project management tool that allows the WSO development team to collaborate and react to feedback in real time.  In Waffle every member of the team can get a clear picture on what’s been done, what’s currently being worked on, what’s coming up and what needs prioritizing.
  • GitHub - a Git repository hosting service with a Web-based graphical interface, access control and several collaboration features, such as a wikis and basic task management.
  • SemaphoreCI -  a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test projects hosted at GitHub. Semaphore automatically detects when a commit has been made and pushed to the WSO GitHub repository and tries to build the project and run tests. When a Pull Request is merged, SemaphoreCI will also deploy the build to the server (Heroku).
  • Heroku - our go-to Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. Currently WSO runs on Heroku free tier with one web dyno and 5MB of PostgreSQL. Heroku allows us developers to focus on application development rather than server administration and maintenance.

Last but not least, we often speak of Pair Programming as an important cornerstone of AgileVentures. Pair Programming aims not only to produce better and more robust code. In our case, it is also an absolute "sine qua non" and assurance for an exchange of experience and internal skills transfer to take place - and thus contribute to the success of this endeavor.

All in all, we believe that the workflow in WSO, utilizing the methods and tools mentioned above, gives our team and our members the greatest return on our efforts and our work. Our goal is not only to develop the best applications possible but also to learn from each other and grow as developers.

Eager to get started? Check out our Project Setup page

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