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Are you interested in remote pair programming online with an experienced mentor? We’re offering a free one hour Premium F2F programming session on an open source charity project with AV mentors Federico Esparza, João Pereira, Sam Joseph, Joseph Ngugi, Matt Rider, Ryder Timberlake and Sigu Magwa. To book a pairing session with a mentor use the following links:

Remote pair programming will involve arranging a mutually convenient time and will take place via Google Hangouts, Jitsi, or Skype and no particular software is required, apart from the Chrome browser, or Skype if that is preferred.

We have several existing charity projects, but are also open to suggestions for new charity projects and tech stacks/frameworks. We currently have charity projects–using Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, React, and Node–ready to work on, but are also excited to try new things :-)

Remote pairing can be at any level from novice programmer to expert. Our mentor will adjust the complexity of the programming task to suit your level. Click on the image below to view an example session:

Pairing Session on Rails

If you have trouble booking a session or have any concerns, please reach out to us at info@agileventures.org

Learn more about Premium F2F membership